Mr. Freud 2010, 16.1h, dark bay, gelding

Located at Finger Lakes Race Track, Farmington, NY (close to Rochester, NY). This warhorse looks like a gorgeous, super-size pony! He stood patiently and politely during his photo shoot. He has a lovely, long shoulder and plenty of bone. Overall, he seems a solidy constructed and well built horse. He is missing his right eye, we were unable to get additional history regarding this, but it did not appear to bother him (during our photo shoot, or during his last race earlier in the week where he finished third). He was a quiet, and gave us the impression of a friendly, responsive, and basically well-adjusted horse. He jogged quietly and soundly, displaying cute, fluid and relaxed movement (even after having raced earlier in the week). He has a race entry for 11/25/19 if you’d like to see him in action. Can you take a wild guess who his sire is? He’s by Freud and out of a mare named Cercis by Forty Niner. This war horse has earned his keep over the years; in 55 starts, his earnings exceed $175,000 with a 7-10-7 record. An indication of his durability, positive attitude, and solid work ethic. Won’t you please consider stepping up for a sturdy, kind soul who has paid his dues, proven his adaptability, and could be a wonderful friend and riding companion providing you with many more years of faithful service?
Price: $1,000 neg
Contact: Marissa 315-719-9665 (for trainer Sam Morales to help with foreign language issues)

As always, a pre-purchase veterinary exam is recommended.

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