Ms Maggie Zip, 2014, 15.3h, chestnut filly

In what we were told was one of her favorite activities, this sweet mare was lying down in her stall in a quiet slumber when we walked up to her. When she was walked out of her stall for her photo shoot, she continued to display the same calm demeanor and gentle attributes. She is so content that her trainer would have turned her into a pony horse had she not been a filly. The volunteers felt the urge to check on her tattoo to make sure this was not a quarterhorse trying to pass as a TB. Ms Maggie is slated to continue her racing career in Puerto Rico if someone is not lucky enough to grab her while they can. Her trainer raved about what a sweet, gentle, eager-to-please mare this will be. She thought the mare had strong potential to be a great kids’ horse with proper retraining.

Contact: Marissa 315-719-9665

Price: $3500


As always, a pre-purchase veterinary exam is recommended.

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