Nicejewel Cat, 4 year old, bay 16h filly: Sold to continue racing

Her trainer says she is a nice jewel indeed – very sweet and quiet with no vices. She has a nice compact balanced build, and is very pretty with her flashy white blaze and rear socks. It is time to retire her because she has an ankle that gets sore after a race; it was still a bit warm when we saw her two days after her last race. But with some rest she will be fine for a less strenuous career, since she has been sound to race on it this season when her races have been spaced a few weeks apart.  Because she will no longer race, she needs to find a new home very quickly, so please someone step up for this sweet and pretty girl and give her a chance at a good new life.

Price: $500 negotiable
Trainer: Michelle Tasso 585-472-2804

As always, a pre-purchase veterinary exam is recommended.

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