Offensive Attack – moved to FLTAP

There is nothing offensive at all about this handsome, sweet horse – just look at his cute face and soft eye!  His trainer says he has great manners, is easy to handle, has no vices, is sound, and a smooth ride with a nice soft mouth. He jogged so quietly for his video, showing good movement, even though he had done nothing for several weeks.  He looks to us like a horse that will transition quickly to anything you want to do.  His trainer wants to find him a great home because family medical issues require him to downsize his number of horses – he simply does not have time for all of them anymore.  He is by Hook and Ladder, who has produced some excellent jumpers and lovely quiet show hunters – not surprising given that he is a grandson of  that excellent sport sire Cox’s Ridge.

Now at the FInger Lakes Adoption Barn. Call FLTAP at: 585-905-7457

As always, a pre-purchase veterinary exam is recommended.

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