Outside Love 2007 16.3+ ch gelding

Loveable mush alert! Lovie is aptly named because he is the quintessential gentle giant! Lovie is not just tall, he is full bodied and BIG! Lovie was handled by volunteers while his owner was busy in another barn and he ambled out of the barn with a single rein hooked under his chin (when you can’t find a shank, you take a rein off his bridle!). Lovie has a lot of history and his owner has given us a lot of information on him that she will surely share with seriously interested buyers. He was riding along on a successful career when he fractured his right front ankle. His previous owner laid him up and nursed him back well enough to become a lead pony on the track, which he has been doing for his current owner for the past two years. Last winter he started to go sore so he was laid up for the winter. Subsequently he was used in the morning for a few horses but was coming back sore and she decided that it was not fair to ask him to continue with a job as demanding and strenuous as being a track pony is (lots of miles, contact with racehorses bumping into them, etc.). He has been trail ridden at Mendon Ponds and was a perfect gentleman with absolutely no nervous moments or spooks. He will be suitable for light riding and will likely require some joint supplement to help keep him comfortable

Lovie was moved to a farm close to the track to be turned out and can be seen there with an appointment. Lovie’s new owner will be asked to sign a contract and will be vetted. His owner will take him back if, for whatever reason, he doesn’t work out. No resale without right of first refusal.


Contact Christy Attwood 813-690-7412, text preferred

Price $500 with above stipulations.

As always, a pre-purchase veterinary exam is recommended.

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