Pegasus Smile 9 yo. B. g. 16.2 h — Placed through FLTAP

Elegant and full of personality and heart, this horse is a favorite of his owner/trainer, who has had him for five years. Pegasus Smile has won 9 races for him, and he feels it is time to find him the great new home such a fine and successful horse deserves. He described him as having a great personality and a love of life spunk and friendliness. He said that an experienced rider would be best. He said he has had occasional past soreness on his left ankle, and x-rays showed that there is “thin joint space,” which led the vets to recommend light jumping rather than the most strenuous sports. His owner/trainer says that with occasional joint supplements he has been sound and durable for racing. This horse has a great shoulder and hind end, and looks very well balanced and athletic. Pegasus Smile impressed us a horse who will give his new person as much heart and reward as he has given his current owner.®istry=T

Trainer: Joey Marton 585-794-6732

Price: $1,000 negotiable

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