Perfect Dancing, 2011 15.3 h bay gelding: Placed!

While he may not be a perfect racehorse, we think this handsome, sound, lightly raced, still growing young boy is indeed a perfect prospect for many new disciplines.  Perfect Dancing has shown no racing ability in his 8 lifetime starts, preferring to gallop along behind the field after a few bumpy starts, so his trainer wants to find him a good new home where his athletic potential can shine.  He is described as sound, and his legs are clean.  The assistant trainer also told us that in the few weeks she has had him, he has already worked his way into her heart as one of the sweetest horses she has worked with. He is kind, good to handle, has a good appetite.  He is also still growing into  his leggy frame, since he just turned four, and we think he will top out at 16h or even a bit more. With his uphill build and great shoulder, he is an enticing prospect for eventing or H/J disciplines.  For his jog video he was a bit excited to be out in the cold sunshine after a couple weeks confined to hand walking inside the barn, but we saw hints of light balanced movement.  Young sound lightly raced geldings like this go fast, so do not hesitate to call on this one!

Pedigree and racing record:

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