Piano Star 2007 16 h bay gelding

At least one of our volunteers would take this guy home if she could! The classy, proven, warhorses attach to our hearts and have a world of potential that isn’t yet there in a younger horse. Piano Star has had a very good racing career, particularly on the synthetic surface at Presque Isle Downs (suggesting that he would be a fantastic hunt mount). He enjoyed a good run at PID with 4 wins and 1 second in his five starts there in 2011. He was injured in a Stakes race at Finger Lakes a little over two years ago and was off, rehabbing a tendon injury, for two years. He was brought back to run but isn’t competitive anymore and he’s telling his racing connections that he is done. He has remained sound in his re-introduction to racing and we saw nothing to give us pause, so don’t let his age and history deter you from having confidence in his usefulness for many more years.

He positively exuded class and dignity when he was being photographed and ogled over. He has a solid build with good bone, a deep chest and powerful shoulder and engine. With his movement and conformation, he could do just about anything in his new vocation. There is a true bargain find in this oh-so-classy guy.

Price $500 negotiable

Contact Sugar 585-412-3678


As always, a pre-purchase veterinary exam is recommended.

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