Picky Bits 2013 16.1 h bay mare

Picky is a beautiful mare who has amply rewarded her connections with honest effort every time she has been asked. She has been very successful in her racing career, compiling a solid 50% in the money record with 6 wins in 24 total starts, a testament to her durability and heart. Picky is being offered today for the same reason many successful, sound horses are moved on: she’s encountering tougher conditions. She has also started flipping her palate which causes her to “spit the bit” and take herself right out of the running. Her handler stated that she does not make noise when this happens It is unlikely that this would be problematic in less strenuous exertion, but it is something to be discussed with your veterinarian.

We were impressed with her solid build and quiet demeanor. Her handler reports that she has no vices and is very easy to get along with.


Contact Adrianne 585-281-1810, call or text

Price $3000 neg.

As always, a pre-purchase veterinary exam is recommended.

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