Portada, 2012, 16h Bay Filly

Portada (meaning “headline” in Spanish) is ready to be headline news in a new discipline.  After 16 races, she is just not proving herself successful at the Finger Lakes Track.  Her trainers report she has everything going for her-she has a good mind, great build, clean sound legs, but it doesn’t come through at race time.  Her trainers report they have looked up and down for a reason why she isn’t cutting it at the races and have concluded her heart just isn’t in it.  She recently had her teeth done and was recently scoped for breathing issues (came back clear).  Her trainer reports she is as gentle as they come and thinks she would be a good children’s horse after some let down and retraining.  Portada is reported to be an excellent shipper, eater, and stands quietly to be bathed and get her shoes down.  This is certainly the impression we got during our “meet and greet”!  She tracked up nicely at the walk and trot as she jogged gently beside her mature handler.  Her trainers love her dearly and are quite attached to her.  They are most concerned with finding her a great home where she will be appreciated for all her wonderful attributes.  She has no stable vices.
Price: $1000 negotiable
Contact: Phyllis Shetron 585-317-8892

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