President Eaton, 4 year old, chestnut, 16.3+ gelding: Placed through FLTAP

President Eaton had been sold to keep racing, but is now at FLTAP!

Horses don’t’ get much more gorgeous than this big guy. When we were at his barn waiting for the trainer, we looked at him in the stall and said “Oh, we sure hope this is the one to list!” He is beautifully conformed, with clean straight legs, a huge shoulder and strong hindquarters, an elegant slightly dished head and a lovely soft kind eye,  and a dappled caramel color.  With his size and good bone, it is hardly surprising that he has a big stride and good suspension.  His trainer said he is quiet and good to handle with no vices. She also said he is good in turn out.  He was very quiet and well behaved for his photos and jog.  There are some good sport lines in his pedigree: Alydar, Gone West, Secretariat, Buckpassser.  A very high quality prospect for many disciplines!

Price: $1500
Trainer: Michelle Tasso 585-472-2804

As always, a pre-purchase veterinary exam is recommended.

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