Proud Parent, 2008 liver chestnut 16 h mare: Now at FLTAP

Update June 23, 2014: Proud Parent has been accepted into the Finger Lakes Thoroughbred Adoption barn, located on the track premises, and you can see this sweetheart there and apply to be her adoptive home.

Described by her trainer as one of the kindest, sweetest horses she has even been around, this liver chestnut beauty wants to be your pampered pet and best friend.  Her trainer says that she is always sweet and quiet, even after she has had a week off. The trainer says she is a good to ride, with a soft mouth, and no spook. She turns out well with other horses, and does not try to be dominant in the group. Her trainer says she would love to be able to keep this mare for her own children to grow into, if only she had the facility.  Sounds like she will make some other family or horse crazy girl very happy. The trainer says she is sound on an old ankle chip that is not in the joint, and that she has raced on without problems. She wants to retire her to a great home because the mare is telling her that after enjoying the winter off, she just doesn’t want to deal with the stress of the track anymore. The mare showed off a nice flowing trot for her jog video’ we can see the hunter ring as a possible new career.
Price: Adoption price through FLTAP TBD
Contact:  Julie Kisliewski at FLTAP, (585)924-9510 or (585)905-7457 or e-mail at
Race record:

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