Pure Sweetness 2010 15.3 h bay filly: retained for racing

Pure Sweetness broke her maiden a mere six months ago and has won three more
races since that time. In so doing, she has run out of most of her
conditions where it is possible for her to win. Rather than winter her
and try again in the spring, she is being retired from racing. Her
handler reports that she is a “5 furlong specialist”, meaning that her
best races are the shorter ones, and, in fact, her last win was at
Charlestown’s “bull ring” just two weeks ago. She is reported to be
sound, very athletic and has a big “go” button, which would make her
suitable for polo, eventing or barrels. She has a powerful engine with
a lot of “push” and a deep chest, which makes her a “tempest in a
teapot” for sport, and a lot of horse in a smaller body!


Price $1000 neg.

Contact Jamie Boldt 585-943-4298

As always, a pre-purchase veterinary exam is recommended.

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