Quatorze’s Girl, three year old, 15.2 h, bay filly

AKA Sassy this lovely filly is showing no aptitude for racing. She is out of training now and ready to transition to a new career. She showed us what a nice mover she is with her nice suspension and gorgeous shoulder. The chain in her mouth was just a precaution since she hadn’t been out in a while. Her trainer says she goes nicely into the bridle and is very good to gallop. She has only had three starts and the trainer says she is very sound with no vices. She is good for grooming and stands quietly to be tacked up. She turns out well with others and is low in the herd hierachy. She came to them with some old scars that have never been a problem for her. This lovely talented girl is likey to grow and fill out a lot more over the next few years. She’ll mature into a talented and durable competitor

Price: $700 negotiable
Trainer: Megan Lucas
Contact: 585 919-9614


As always, a pre-purchase veterinary exam is recommended.

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