Risky Gamble, 6 year old, bay, 16 h mare

This is a beautiful mare, with a lovely intelligent face, elegant proud presence, and a soild well conformed body.  She has been a successful allowance level racer, but after a recent workout was diagnosed with a chip in her ankle. The vets said she could race on it, and she had run just a few days before our photo session. She came back sore from that race, so her trainer does not want to try to continue with her. We were told the chip is of the sort that could be removed and she would then heal well and be fine for most purposes.  With her quality and peformance record and good looks, this mare is fully deserving of an opportunity for a great post-racing life.

Price: $500
Trainer: Sugar Rohena  787-310-3954

As always, a pre-purchase veterinary exam is recommended.

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