Rocky 2013 14 h mule — retained by owner

When we were asked to stop by the outrider’s barn to take pictures of her mule, we were excited to meet the little fellow and list our very first mule! Our initial meeting was in his stall where he was politely standing in the back corner while his owner cleaned his stall around him. As soon as he realized he had visitors he was front and center, very politely reaching out to us for attention and scritches. What a friendly little guy and the smoochability factor is off the charts. Rocky has been used as an outrider’s pony on the training track during training hours in the morning but he is just not doing enough work to stay on the job. Rocky impressed us as a very well broke mule who rides western and English and we’re told there is not much that flaps him. As you can see in his video, he happily trotted through mud and standing water and has the cutest way of going. His rider in the video occasionally used him as a pony in her own barn but has since acquired another mule, so Rocky is offered for the perfect long-ear partner for off the track riding disciplines. More and more long ears are participating in traditional disciplines that recognize their versatility and ability to “fit in” . We were told that Rocky is strong on the ground, and we did see small moments of feet planting, but he would then respond and go on with it. Both riders tell us he is wonderful to ride, very responsive, comfortable and willing. Based on the response to his FB preview, we think Rocky’s new person will step right up and snap up this winning gelding.

Price $3500 neg.

Contact Kelly  585-905-1067

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