SASSIE, 2020 15.2+h bay filly

Located at Finger Lakes Race Track, Farmington NY (near Rochester)

We think this pretty and refined ‘fun-size’ filly is misnamed- she is WAY more sweet than sassy! During our photo session, she was as agreeable, patient, and friendly as she was cute. We first observed her standing quietly on the road, loving on her handler while we finished up taking photos of another horse. We were quite impressed with how quiet she was for a three-year-old. We were told that she is very good in her stall, has no vices, and that she is  “A quiet ride. A very quiet ride.”  As she is not showing enough (LOL- read as ‘any’) racing talent in her breezes, her current owner does not want to incur the expense of wintering her so has decided to move her along to a new career. Although she has never started, she does have published workouts for this year, making her fully eligible for the RRP Makeover! She would be a lovely, sweet, fun, ammy-friendly project that we could easily see excelling in a hunter or dressage ring.  She comes from excellent connections whose horses are always well-handled and cared for.  And that should translate to an easy restart for you! We were told that she is not a dominant mare, but falls somewhere in the lower rungs in the herd hierarchy.  So she should adapt easily to any turnout arrangements. She seems to be the classic ‘nice, good girl’ in every way. We suspect that she is the type of girl who will relish your attention and affection, and enjoy being fussed over and pampered with long grooming sessions. Although she struck us as quite refined, this still-growing filly is well-constructed with nicely balanced proportions: a long, sloping shoulder and a deep body. Her legs are straight, cold and tight. She displayed some lovely, steady, rhythmic movement with good reach from her shoulder, a pretty walk and cute, light, springy trot. While we were videoing her, during the middle of her jog, someone right behind the green bin flapped out a tarp as she jogged by which would have spooked many much more seasoned horses, but she was relatively unfazed, settled, and trotted right on being quite professional about it. Her handler (in the video, you may hear him chastise the careless offender) seemed more distracted and upset about it than this unflappable filly!  Sassie is by Frank Conversation, who is a son of Quality Road.  Quality Road offspring are known for their great brains and friendly personalities, good movement, and jumping ability — they are highly sought after for sport horse disciplines. Sassie’s dam, Miss Tallahassee, is by Silver Deputy, who is from the Deputy Minister sire line.  mare. Notable influences in her pedigree include Quality Road/ Gone West lines and Deputy Minister.

Price: $2,000

Contact: Rachel Sells @ 585-748-0983 (text preferred)

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