Shadow Hall, 2010 16.2h bay gelding

Very handsome and well put together, with a kind eye and an intelligent alert look about him, Shadow Hall  impressed us as a young, sound, athlete who has great potential for a sport career in eventing or dressage or jumping. His trainer kept raving about what an intelligent and athletic horse he is, and she says he has a good heart and work ethic. If you treat him well and with respect, he will reward you with trust and great effort to do what you want. She said he was previously in a bad barn where some people hit the horses, and he came to her wary and distrustful, but she has quickly won his trust and watched his good nature blossom. She has ridden him, and reports that he rides like a dream, and acts like he has had show horse training. His good looks and athleticism warranted Shadow Hall being purchased for $130,000 as a two year old, so he is now quite the bargain. His trainer reports that he is sound, but has an old set osselet that causes no problems. On the day we photographed him, he was barefoot and had just been trimmed, so he was a bit footsore, but out in his grassy paddock he showed lofty movement with suspension and extension that made us think of dressage. Because of his size, youth, athleticism, and history with less than kind people, she recommends him for an experienced rider.  With the right person, we think you will have a trusted sporting partner for a long time. He is located at a farm very close to the Finger Lakes Race Track.

Price:  $1,000

Contact:  Dorothy Gentner  518- 522-0229

Race Record and pedigree:


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