Shy Humor, 2009, 15.3-16h bay gelding

Our first FLF listing of 2014 — and what a wonderful horse it is! Beautiful, solid bodied, flashy with chrome. His owner/trainer says that he is just a lovely and quiet horse, completely sound and wonderful to work around with no vices. She says that under saddle and on the track he is a willing and forward horse who loves to work, but he has a bleeding issue when working at racing speed that precludes further racing. She thinks he will be fine doing something less strenuous that full speed racing (which would be most disciplines!). She is more than happy to discuss the issue with a prospective buyer. Because he is forward and energetic and athletic, she recommends an experienced rider, not a child.

Price: $1,000
Contact: Debbie Breed 585-289-3467

As always, a pre-purchase veterinary exam is recommended.

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