Silverado, 9 year old paint 15.2 h gelding

Silverado has been used this year as a race horse pony horse at the track (i.e. a horse who accompanies race horses to the track for morning exercise or racing, to keep them calm) but he did not like the commotion of people jumping around in his face and shouting, so he has recently spent more time in the pasture than working. His owner wants to make some room and knows he is happiest when he has a job. She has told us she got him from a boy scout camp program, so he is obviously kid friendly. But he is also a big powerful flashy mover with an amazing trot and we even think he could be a dressage horse! He’s a nice, solid guy, and will take a bigger rider than his size might lead you to think,  and he is also described as great on trails. This eye catching fellow also has some miles in the ring at w/t/c and doubles as the trainer’s lead line horse for a small child. Because he has not done much work for a while, he will need some retraining by an experienced person but then he should be kid or pleasure trail riding ready.

Price: $2000 negotiable
Contact: Stephanie Riedel 585-953-4652

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