Sir Toby, 2009 17h Bay Gelding: retained for racing

Sir Toby is what everyone says they want in an off the track thoroughbred: big, young, sound, good mover, quiet and with a good mind– if you’re in the market, act fast!! This tall, dark boy is sound and displayed impeccable manners during his photo shoot. His trainer even had trouble convincing him to expend the energy to jog for his video, as he was much more interested in grazing and soaking in the sunshine of the morning. His nice shoulder and uphill build give him potential in any sport horse discipline you may desire but he’s laid back enough to be happy as a pleasure horse as well. His groom states that he is one of the easiest horses to work around. We believe that this horse needs and deserves a placement off the track quickly! He is eagerly awaiting grass, peppermints and lots of kisses. Toby may look a bit like a diamond in the rough right now, but if you are a good enough horse person to see through the fact that he could use some groceries and TLC, you will be able to see his great bone structure and athletic build and imagine how stunning he will be. Add his sweet, laid back puppy dog personality to the mix, and you have quite a wonderful horse here.

We first listed Sir Toby last year, and there was a lot of interest before his owner decided to keep him for racing this year, and we expect a lot of interest again, since he is a bargain for a horse with so much potential.

Race record and pedigree:

Price:  $2000 negotiable
Contact: Tito 585-371-0356 or Margie 315-719-8739 (intermediary contacts for the trainer, to help with language barrier).

As always, a pre-purchase veterinary exam is recommended.

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