Starofthemountain 2010 17+ h bay gelding

We know that the big ones get a lot of attention, but this guy has way more going for him than size (and he has that in spades!). With exactly 50% in the money finishes and 7 wins, we think Star can be given the warhorse moniker! His current trainer states that he is a “very cool horse” with a loveable personality and is absolutely sound. As hard as he has run, he has remained able to continue racing but his heart isn’t in it and his trainer isn’t willing to push him. Star jogged with lovely balance and cadence and, while polo and barrel racing are probably not in his future, we can see him being successful in just about any discipline. Don’t let his age deter you because, in our experience, these older racers with successful careers on the track still have a lot of good years to give.

Price $5000

Contact Jackie Stauffer 585-857-1413 text preferred

As always, a pre-purchase veterinary exam is recommended.

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