Thunder Roaring – being retained for racing

3 years old, 15.2h gray filly

This compact, gray, filly with room to grow is race fit and full of energy in her morning workouts, but she has not carried this over to the afternoon races. She had just trained and cooled out when we took her glamor shots and she was quiet and attentive. She is a half sibling to Head Heart Hoof who has a rather remarkable race career and has two siblings who have been big money earners, but she apparently didn’t get their racing chops! Her trainer says that she is 100% sound and, although she runs a hole in the wind in her morning training, she doesn’t bring it in the afternoon. I say she’s an awfully pretty and athletic morning glory! Her trainer is asking $1,000. 

Price: $1000

Contact: Jimmy Kettell-585-582-3132 (home)

As always, a veterinary pre-purchase exam is recommended.

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