Trojan Warhorse 2010 16.3h bay horse

As soon as this horse stepped out of the barn, we could instantly see that he not only is beautiful, but is classy and represents a “classic” thoroughbred in his conformation. While every horse in this shedrow is well care for, impeccably groomed and in good weight, Trojan just screamed elegance. We were surprised when we learned that he is an intact male because he was so quiet and well behaved. His trainer states that he is stalled next to fillies and he has never been studdish around them, and is always a gentleman. He also stated that, when on winter layup, he has been jumped and apparently has shown an aptitude for it. In fact, his trainer states that the winter barn owner would love to have him back so she can have some more fun with him!

While Trojan has good breeding, he has never excelled on the racetrack. By War Cry, a son of Unbridled, he has just not proven himself as a racehorse worthy of coming back next year to keep trying to “get it right”. But we see so much potential as a sporthorse and we already know that he can jump. Whether to stand him in your sporthorse breeding program or send him into a sporting discipline, he has the goods to deliver.

Price $5000

Contact Neville Henry 585-905-4214

As always, a pre-purchase veterinary exam is recommended.

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