Where’s Elliot, 2011, 16h, bay gelding

Here’s your bargain of the weekend!  If interested, you will need to act quickly.  Where’s Elliot is a handsome, big, young, sound gelding with clean legs.  These horses typically go for quite a bit more than the current asking price, but his connections want to make sure he has a good home before they move tracks for the winter.  His trainer reports he has no soundness or health issues but is just too slow to continue racing.  She noted he is good to work around but has kicked in the past.  We suspect with turnout and some time at the farm, it would not be an issue.  He was quiet and polite during our photo shoot and showed excellent movement.  We can see him really excelling as an event horse!  Again, if you are interested in this gelding (who ticks all the boxes for most shoppers) we strongly suggest calling ASAP.

Contact: Tammi Lord 585-337-8661

As always, a pre-purchase veterinary exam is recommended.

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