FLF Windy, 2009 15.2h chestnut mare: Placed

Rescued, Rehabbed, and Ready for Adoption!!!
This beautiful, sweet young mare is already restarted in her training, quietly w/t/c under saddle and on the lunge, and going out on trails with others and alone, and proving to be unflappable, willing, a quick learner, and a lovely, light mover.  And if you are lucky enough to become her forever person, she will be forever grateful and you can take heart in knowing you will provide the happy ending to complete her rescue and rehabilitation from a harrowing situation.  Windy was already in thin condition from underfeeding when she came off the track last fall, and she was taken in by what had seemed to be a reputable place that had previously done well with an FLF OTTB.  But that place’s trainer, who had also been providing most of the care for the horses, left the facility sometime over the winter, and by late spring the FLF volunteers were tipped off that Windy was in dire straits.  We went to investigate, and were horrified to find her dangerously thin, showing signs of severe starvation, covered in rain rot, festering sores, and scratches.  We swooped in and took the mare, hoping we could pull her through and restore her to the beautiful horse we knew she could be. FLF has been fostering her since May at considerable expense, at a superb equestrian facility, with an excellent trainer, checking regularly to watch her recovery.  As you can see from these photos, taken in September, Windy has indeed flourished. She started lunging work in August, and proved a quick and kind pupil.  She is now being ridden in both the indoor arena and on trails, and is unflappable and quiet and a very nice mover, with light balanced gaits. She is even being used to give lessons to less confident riders, because she is so good and quiet. While going out on trails she has shown that barking and chasing dogs, farm equipment, and horses running and playing in the paddocks alongside her do not bother her in the slightest. We think she has potential as a show hunter, or would be great for someone looking to do pleasure and trail riding and hunter paces and pony club, and could also fit into a lesson program.  The videos are from August, very early in her lunging retraining, so you can indeed see how quickly she learns and how well behaved she is. She is up to date on all vaccinations, worming, coggins, teeth, and farrier care, and she has such good feet that she has remained barefoot. She is a cribber, a habit she picked up while being starved, but it is controlled with a collar.
She will be adopted out by FLF with a no auction/no slaughter/right of first refusal contract, and references will be required and checked.  It is very important to FLF that this lovely mare be placed into the best of homes where she will be cherished and will never again be at risk of falling into the misery we have rescued her from.
She is located at an equestrian center near Buffalo, NY, and can be seen and tried only by appointment. FLF will take calls and screen potential serious adopters, and facilitate arrangements to go see her.
Adoption fee:  $1,000 negotiable to the perfect home
Contact:  Lucinda Finley 716-803-4202

As always, a pre-purchase veterinary exam is recommended.

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