You Jump, I Jump, 5 year old, 16.2+ dark bay, gelding

Being retained by owners as the “self-described pet”. 🙂

I have run out of superlatives expressive enough to give this amazing horse his due worth. We settled on SPECTACULAR and are sticking to it. This horse is the trainer’s daughter’s self-described pet. The fact that he has had extensive training and excellent handling is obvious in his absolutely regal appearance and demeanor. Eyeballed at 16.2-16.3 and appearing black, he is a registered dark bay (yes, I asked!) 5 year old whose potential to exceed in any discipline is boundless. He has been trained in western horsemanship, ponied racehorses in a western saddle, started over cross rails in an english jumping saddle, and is a generally well grounded individual. His great shoulder lends to a long-legged stature that is very well balanced. Whe he jogged for us we were very impressed with his movement. Suspenion, loft, swing, reach — just gorgeous!  We also witnessed a distinct overstep at the walk. His handler has galloped him on the racetrack and also used him as a pony horse at Penn, and she raved that he is just lovely to ride.

Beth Miller-Saul-315-573-2864

Price: $5000

As always, a pre-purchase veterinary exam is recommended.

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