Ziggy, 4 year old, 15.2h bay gelding

What a pretty solid bodied hunk of horse, and he also has personality plus! His groom kept saying how much he likes him, how great  he is to work with, and a funny playful goofball. Just look at him sticking his tongue out at the camera!  Because he has such good bone, strong shoulder, chest, and hind end, he seems much bigger than he is –which suggests he could carry a bigger person.  He was described as sound, and we have rarely felt such cold, clean tight legs on a racehorse. They say he is a morning glory who doesn’t run as well in the afternoon, so it is time to find him a new career. He has only had 15 races, and was not pushed when young. When he jogged for his video, we saw a beautiful mover, with good suspension and reach.  We think Ziggy is made for the children’s hunter or small junior hunter show ring.



Price:  $1,500
Trainer: Jim Kettell  585-582-3132

As always, a pre-purchase veterinary exam is recommended.

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