Streetsofgold 2012 15.2 h chestnut gelding

This precious little guy is more than ready to begin his life off the track, so please look past the unbrushed coat (which gleamed coppery gold in the sunlight) and diminutive stature and see the potential he has. Streetsofgold is an easy upgrade and, for the right person, we predict he would be eternally grateful and a willing partner. Bonus is that he is a sweet snugglebug, and that has been corroborated by others. After we did his interview, we dug into his background and got some more information about his time on the track and discovered that he was, more than likely, rushed as a youngster and was barely broke when he started racing. When we asked him for a jog for his video, he was very reluctant and his groom was unable to get him out of a fast walk. One of our volunteers took the lead and just went on with it, charging ahead of him and he did finally break into a jog. We later learned that this is a behavior that has made it difficult for him to pass the State vet prior to racing – though has always passed. He’s not unsound (although he may well be body sore), but likely does not want to be a racehorse. Another groom worked with him last year to teach him how to jog in hand but he has not raced this year and has not had to do it since last year.

He broke his maiden on 5/11/15 and video of that race shows a horse that strides out and has a bit of speed. He has since failed to hit the board and finishes his career with 14 lifetime starts and two in the money finishes.

TLC will go a long way to bring out the best Streetsofgold has to offer, including what we bet is a heart of gold!

Contact Tito 585-371-0356

Price $500

As always, a pre-purchase veterinary exam is recommended.

As always, a pre-purchase veterinary exam is recommended.

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